I am a Black Pansexual Polyamorous woman who has created, hosted and produced 3 podcasts with a combined total of 150 episodes with more than 60,000 downloads.

I have been a guest on several other podcasts such as Shelf Love Podcast, Normalizing Non-Monogamy, Life On The Swingset, Relationship Passa Passa and Loving Without Boundaries with Kitty Chambliss. I have also been featured in an article in The Atlantic and on ETalk Canada in addition to my podcasts being mentioned on Therapy for Black Girls.

I've hosted various online events including the opening ceremony of Poly Dallas Millennium 2020 and have solicited sponsorships and partnerships for podcasts while boosting metrics and tapping into new markets.

Through my experience building these podcasts, I have been able to tap into production, social media management, audio editing and creating detailed show notes and transcripts.

I am available to host, edit, produce, manage, and be a guest on podcasts as well as hosting virtual events.

Feel as if I'm the right fit for what you wanna do? Feel free to book some time on my calendar.