Hi, I'm Jhen and I'm a podcast host, bookstagrammer and lover of all things music and romance.

I am also a black pansexual polyamourous Jamaican woman which means I definitely live on the fringes of life.

After years of reading, writing and creating content, I have decided that in addition to focusing on being a podcast host, I will also be a sensitivity reader.

I am doing this in order to assist other writers in the proper handling of certain topics and to avoid the perpetuation of negative stereotypes of marginalised groups.

Wanna know more about Jamaica and the English-Speaking Caribbean? I'm your gal. This also includes helping with locations and patois.

Wanna speak more about polyamory and consensual non-monogamy as a whole? Hello there. It's me again. I've been a practicing polyamorous woman for over 8 years so I guess I know a little something something.

Want to speak about pansexuality and bisexuality? *waves* hi! hello! Yes you can just hit me up.

For enquiries related to Sensitivity Readings, please fill out the form on the "Consultation" page.

For enquires for me to be on your podcasts or for interviews, reach out on the "
Book Me" page.

For links to all my appearances and the best ways to find me on Social Media, check out the "
Contact" page.

I look forward to working with you.

- Jhen